The New Brightside Studios Website

When Brightside Studios first started in 2011, it was merely a nice name for my very casual freelance projects. I had been working full-time with a studio, and had no need for a big, fancy website that showcased all of my skills & work—nor did I have the time to create something like that. The old Brightside Studios website served it’s purpose: it allowed potential clients to view some of my projects, and to contact me if they were interested in working with me.

It also did something much bigger than that. It allowed me to dream. It was something I could work towards; something I could call my own. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s done just that; Brightside Studios is much bigger than a few freelance projects on the side now—it’s my full-time job mission.

Brightside Studios has officially outgrown it’s old website, and I wanted this new website to reflect what Brightside Studios truly is about.

I’m so excited to announce the launch of this brand new website.

Take a look around, view our showcase, or drop us a line if you’re interested in working with us.