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The challenge

In the heart of downtown Lethbridge, a brand new arts centre was being constructed. With Lethbridge desperate for a central location to bring together artists from across Southern Alberta, Casa was going to provide that space. The challenge was to create a website experience as unique as the experience Casa offers to the arts community.
In addition to designing & building a custom CMS website from scratch, we needed to create a functional experience for the visitors — to allow them to access important info, view events, book classes, and more! We immersed ourselves, and worked closely with the Casa team to create something truly magical.
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The design

From the beginning, we immersed ourselves in the Casa experience. The architecture of the building is incredibly unique, with metallic and wooden textures, 90º angles, an abundance of natural light, the building is art in and of itself.

From a design perspective, we wanted the website to mimic this experience. We wanted the visitors of the website to feel a consistency in the entire Casa experience. We mimicked the shapes, the textures, the colours, the boxes, the lines. What you see online, is what it’s like in person.

Beautiful, minimal, and structured in a grid-like fashion, we created a beautiful extension of the Casa experience online.

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The client

“We needed to build something beautiful and functional from scratch — and Brightside Studios helped us achieve exactly that. They worked closely with our team to create the look, the feel, and the results we were aiming for with the Casa Lethbridge website. We are very happy with the process and the professionalism of Brightside Studios."

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The results

This is where the project really shines. We don’t just design beautiful web experiences — we build products that get our clients results.

The website serves the significant arts community in Lethbridge very well. Community members are able to get more information on classes, book rooms, and access upcoming events easily.

The community is happy, the client is happy, we’re happy — everyone wins!


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